• 2013 Merlot

    2013 Merlot

    Cocoa dusted red cherry balanced with youthful tannins and bright acidity.
  • 2011 2 5 9 Petit Verdot

    2011 2 5 9 Petit Verdot

    Our 2011 Petit Verdot pours dark, ruby red with aromas of cedar, black pepper and leather. Abundant dark cherry and blackberry fruit will delight and entice your palate.
  • 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon

    2014 Cabernet Sauvignon


    A straight forward, structured red wine with hints of olive, red cherry, mint, blueberry and tobacco.

  • 2013 2 5 9 Tannat

    2013 2 5 9 Tannat

    Intense fruit, spice and powerful tannins combine to create our latest release. Tannat is a bold wine perfect for your next dinner party; to spark conversation and complement your serving of steak.
  • 2014 Cabernet Franc

    2014 Cabernet Franc


    This true Cabernet Franc wine has a slight bell pepper and strong blueberry aroma, a full midpalate of mature tannins and enticing black pepper finish. 

  • Dry Rosé

    Dry Rosé

    Our latest release of Dry Rosé shows bright citrus flavors with aromas of cherry and plum. Enjoy a finish that is fresh and crisp with a bright berry and a hint of watermelon.
  • 2006 Port

    2006 Port


    A ruby-styled Port, this dessert wine is characterized by aromas of dried cranberries, toffee, dark chocolate, black walnuts and spice with a delightful hint of orange liqueur.

  • Madison Lee Red

    Madison Lee Red

    This medium bodied red is anchored by firm, yet mature tannins that complement and enhance the dark and velvety red fruit and fresh, cinnamon aroma.